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Unlock relief with Sibofix : combat encephalopathy ICD 10 and SIBO. Reclaim comfort as it targets symptoms effectively, offering a dual-action solution for neurological and digestive well-being.



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550 MG30 PILLS $50.00
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550 MG90 PILLS $117.00
550 MG100 PILLS $120.00
550 MG120 PILLS $140.00
550 MG150 PILLS $172.00

Introduction to Sibofix 550 mg:

Rifaximin 550 mg is a potent medication used to tackle various gastrointestinal issues and encephalopathy ICD 10. This antibiotic works by targeting and killing specific bacteria in the digestive tract., Rifaximin 550 mg is widely prescribed for its effectiveness in managing a range of conditions like encephalopathy ICD 10 and IBS.

Uses of Sibofix 550 mg:

Rifaximin finds application in treating traveler’s diarrhea caused by specific bacteria. Moreover, it’s a go-to option for managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D), characterized by abdominal pain and frequent bowel movements. Additionally, Rifaximin is used to address hepatic encephalopathy, a condition where the liver’s inability to remove toxins can lead to neurological symptoms which is widely known as encephalopathy ICD 10.

Effectiveness of Sibofix 550 mg:

The efficacy of Rifaximin lies in its targeted action against bacteria causing various gastrointestinal concerns. It’s known for its role in reducing bacterial overgrowth, thereby alleviating symptoms of diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. Moreover, Rifaximin’s use in hepatic encephalopathy helps mitigate neurological symptoms by curbing toxin buildup in the intestines. Mostly general name of disease called Sibo is treated with this potent medicine.

FAQs about Sibofix 550 mg:

  1. Is Rifaximin safe for long-term use? Rifaximin is typically used for short treatment courses to get relief.
  2. Can I take Rifaximin with other medications ?Yes, but It’s essential to inform your family doctor about all medications you’re taking
  3. Can Rifaximin be used during pregnancy or breast feeding? Consult your doctor before using Rifaximin if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding


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