Cancellation policy

  • At we have a clear and well-defined cancellation policy which we would like all our customers to know.
  • Our cancellation policy is made to benefit the customers as much as possible but still, we have some well-defined rules.
  • You can drop your request whenever till the item is conveyed to your doorstep.
  • Even after delivery of a product, you can ask for a canceling of your order and ask for a refund within 7 days from the date of receipt.        

How can you cancel orders on our portal?

  • Dropping your orders on the portal is simple and should be possible inside a couple of moments.
  • You can simply cancel your orders after logging into your account.
  • You can even place a cancellation request from the customer helpline number and giving your orders to our phone executive.
  • When your request is dropped you will get an email.

Payment of cancellation orders

  • You are qualified for a full discount when you have dropped in the wake of deducting certain charges.
  • will refund you the cancellation charges only via an online transfer.
  • No other mode of refund for cancellation orders is accepted on our portal.
  • You cannot ask us for a cash refund or banker’s cheque refund as we do not accept such forms of payment.

Are there any charges deducted from my order?

There can be some charges deducted from your order. These include-

Cancellation charges

  • This is a one-time charge that is deducted as a piece of your dropping the request.
  • You have to know that when you order on our portal there are some expenses on our back end.
  • Sudden cancellation causes loss and we only ask you to pay these charges.
  • Cancellation charges may also vary based on the type or brand of medicines.

Non-repayment of taxes

  • The taxes which are paid are not refunded.
  • The taxes are completely non-refundable as this portion is the charge that we pay back to the government tax authorities.

Cancellation for which reasons?

  • You may be unsatisfied with the product
  • You may have found a better product
  • You don’t want the order anymore
  • You don’t think that our delivery service is good enough.
  • You have found a cheaper product

When do we reserve the right to cancel your order?

  • In some cases, we also reserve the right to cancel your order.
  • This right is totally within the powers of the company as we can cancel your order at any timer as deemed fit by the management.
  • In such cases, you will be getting back your money after deducting all the charges only in the form as we mentioned above.

Cancellation due to product being out of stock

  • At times the product that you order might be out of our stock.
  • Due to some form of system error even if the order is executed we will mail you back within a few hours to inform you that your order stands canceled.
  • Out-of-stock orders will always be canceled if the order is executed wrongfully on our portal.
  • Don’t worry as in such cases the full amount is refunded back to you. No charges are deducted in this case. 

Cancellation due to non-receipt of payment

  • At times the payment might not be credited to our books.
  • During this time we will inform the customer with a full email about canceling your order.
  • Here also no charges are deducted so you need not worry.

Cancellation due to unforeseen emergencies

  • There can be various types of natural calamity conditions such as rain, floods, etc. when we have to deliberately cancel your order as the product delivery will take a very long time.
  • There can also be other problems such as politically adverse situations in countries and lockdowns during the epidemic time.
  • Remember that during such cancellation from our end the charges will be deducted as we mentioned above. 
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